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Pictures of Dorianna

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Pictures of Dorianna for Kindle

Internet followers, beauty and power sounded good. Until it transformed into a terrifying reality Dorianna couldn’t stop. Pictures of Dorianna is a twist on Wilde’s Dorian Gray with the first-ever female lead. When her father is jailed, her mother ships lonely Dorianna to her aunt’s in Brooklyn. Dorianna strives for a new identity, but popular Lacey bullies her for getting attention from Lacey’s ex, Ander. Ander takes Dorianna to Coney Island where Wilson, a videographer, creates a stunning compilation of her. Dorianna vows she’d give anything to go viral. Wilson, the Prince of Darkness warns her of the pledge’s downsides. Dorianna is clueless to the dire consequences. This urban fantasy may well appeal to those who liked Carrie or Firestarter. A twist at the ending no one ever sees coming!

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