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Black Heart (A Demon Paranormal Romance)

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Black Heart (A Demon Paranormal Romance) for Kindle

He only has one goal… Kill the man who murdered his mother. Eli has set his sights on his latest prey. After all, Crystal is everything Eli hates. Sweet, charismatic, a perfect angel. One he will take full pleasure in destroying, so long as he gets his revenge. Besides, how hard can it be to make someone fall in love with you? Especially when you’re such a handsome devil… Charm her, bed her, anything to get back at her murderous, scumbag father. Too easy. But plans don’t always bear fruit. Falling in love was never a part of the plan. She was his natural enemy. It shouldn’t be this way… Yet why does his black heart skip a beat whenever he lays eyes on her? In a world where angels and demons live side by side, you’ll love this steamy enemies to lovers romance.

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