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The Oedipus Murders

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The Oedipus Murders for Kindle

Could the psychiatrist who is treating the husband of a missing woman be the woman’s murderer? A wealthy businessman and his troubled psychiatrist, who suffers from amnesia, both become suspects in a woman’s murder. The dreams of the woman’s husband and the obsessions of the psychiatrist crisscross in a plot that has the police, a forensic psychologist, a private investigator and the psychiatrist himself wondering who is the real killer. The story has enough twists and turns that the reader, like the characters in the story, is unsure who is the real killer. The Oedipus Murders is a book you can’t put down. “A jaw-dropping work of contemporary California noir.” —Best Thrillers “A gripping murder mystery and a fascinating journey through the tricks and tribulations of the head, intelligent, illuminating, and immensely entertaining." Panayotis Cacoyannis, award-winning author of The Madness of Grief. “Recalling the great “erotic thrillers” of the 1980s, Dorman’s The Oedipus Murders consistently intrigues, excites and surprises. I was fooled time and again as the twists and turns came at me. And I couldn’t have been more delighted.” Leslie Bohem, Emmy-award winning screenwriter and producer

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