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One Lost Summer

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One Lost Summer for Kindle

Rex Allen loves star quality in women. After moving into a new house, he has few possessions other than two photographs of his dead daughter.After his neighbour – the beautiful Evangeline Glass - invites him to one of her summer parties, Rex meets her friends, and possessive husband Harry. Rex feels as though he knows Evangeline intimately, so he starts watching her at every opportunity.Soon, watching becomes spying, and turns into an obsession as he convinces himself that she is something else than she pretends to be. After dark secrets about Evangeline surface, Rex's life spirals into a world of blackmail and deception.Praise from readers:★★★★★ - "A delightfully disturbing insight of what goes on behind closed doors. After reading it, I’ll never look at my neighbours the same way again."★★★★★ - "The thematic nature of the novel is beautifully managed by Godwin’s ever-steady hand, and the way he portrays his characters' desires and motivations is nothing short of masterful."

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Eat Meat And Stop Jogging: 'Common' Advice On How To Get Fit Is Keeping You Fat And Making You Sick
Mike Sheridan

Description:In Eat Meat And Stop Jogging, Mike Sheridan uncovers everything's that's WRONG with our current understanding of nutrition and metabolism, diets and weight loss, and physical fitness and health. "I know the diet plans, exercise and fitness books, and health and nutrition basics aren't working for you, because they're not working for anyone! The first step to rescuing your physical and mental health, is understanding WHY we've accepted certain fitness and nutrition myths as fitness and nutrition facts, and how that's turned fat loss and disease prevention into a struggle." - Coach Mike Inspired by personal practice, and supported by credible research, Eat Meat And Stop Jogging highlights the flaws in the prevailing advice to get fit, and illustrates the negative affect on our health and physique. With "Coach" Mike discussing the need for red meat, saturated fat and cholesterol in human nutrition, outlining the long-term consequences of losing weight via marathon training, plant based nu ...
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