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Black Heart (A Demon Paranormal Romance)
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Deadly Harm
Owen Mullen
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Halloween: A Halloween Mystery Book for Kids
Melanie Jackson
4 Rating (14)

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Amish Breaking Hearts: Inspirational Clean Amish Romance (Love in Arcola Book 1)

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Amish Breaking Hearts: Inspirational Clean Amish Romance (Love in Arcola Book 1) for Kindle

Alyson Miller, née Peterson, is seeking refuge from poverty and despair in the town of Arcola, Illinois. Out of money and out of options, she boards a bus that will take her to her late husband’s parents.Pregnant and alone, Alyson hopes that the couple will take her in, and eventually, take her baby so that she can go on with the rest of her life, but she didn’t count on the love they would show her, love like she’s never experienced in her twenty-two years of living.Jacob Troyer, friend and neighbor of the Miller family, is suspicious of Alyson from the first moment they meet. Having been her late husband’s best friend, he can’t believe she’s Conrad’s widow. Surely his friend would have told him if he’d gotten married and was expecting a baby. Even though Conrad had left the community over a year before, they’d stayed in touch. Nothing in Conrad’s letters even hinted at such a thing. He is certain that this woman is here to take advantage of the Millers’ generosity, but he won’t let it happen. He’s determined to find out the truth and befriends Alyson in an effort to do so.As time goes by, Alyson’s resolve weakens. The people are kinder than she could have ever believed, and she feels herself changing. In the face of such goodness, her hard heart begins to soften, but she doesn’t believe she can stay. She’ll never be able to measure up. Despite her growing attachment to the loving family and warm community, she has to leave. She doesn’t belong. They would never accept the real her, not if they knew her past and her secrets.God’s plans often foil those of people. Both Alyson and Jacob discover that the path they’re on is leading them to unexpected places, and even the hardships that they endure have a purpose. But can they let go of their own will in time to experience the blessings that God has in store for them?

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