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As Happy As Ling
Carlos Aleman
4.8 Rating (15)

Lady It's Cold Outside
Multipule Authors
4.5 Rating (2)

God Bless the Child
Merilyn Marriott
5 Rating (8)

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Halloween Howler (US) (Super Speed Sam Book 10)

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Halloween Howler (US) (Super Speed Sam Book 10) for Kindle

Halloween is here again and the time for snarling wolves, wicked pranks, and scary stories has returned. Of course the McClaine family is ready for both tricks and treats this holiday season. With their wonderful costumes all ready to go, nothing can stop them from enjoying the spookiest time of the year! That is, of course, until some real-life monsters descend upon their happy home, and it’s up to their beloved basset hound to save them from the things that go GRR in the night!Hilarity and horror go hand-in-hand in this frightful tale of real-life scares and super-speedy smarts. It’s time for action from Super Speed Sam and this time the danger is both scary and real! Can Sam outsmart an entire pack of wolves? Or is the super pup we all love not the alpha dog he thought he was? Find out what treats are in store for those who are brave enough to face a pack of wolves--and live to save the day!

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Buck Me... For St Paddy's
Anya Nowlan


Pran Frost loves a good party, especially on St Patrick's. As one of the elite pilots for ELF deliveries, the werestag shifter is looking forward to his time off and finding plenty of fun in Boston in befitting bad boy style. But one meeting with the gorgeously curvy, red-headed Kelly Callahan has him forgetting all about his plans and seeking out the cute bartender instead. Could it be that the sworn bachelor can be swayed by the right kind of woman?

Kelly Callahan is committed to the family business. Working at the family pub, the Callahan's Shamrock, she's prepared for a hard weekend of Irish fun when St Paddy's rolls around. But what she wasn't expecting was the hot pilot... or the danger she could get in when she's cornered in an alleyway. So what's a girl to do - trust the irresistible buck, or ignore her gut and try to handle everything herself?

With her father sworn against any of his daughters dating shifters, can Kelly and Pran find one another ...

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