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Zomcats! (Zomtastic Book 2)

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Zomcats! (Zomtastic Book 2) for Kindle

Cats and their humans have always lived peacefully together: ancient Egyptians worshiped them, musicals have been written about them, the internet goes gaga for them.Zomcats! dumps all that into the litter tray of life. This ain't no cute, cuddly kitten zombie story. Jack D. McLean's Zomcats! does for cuddly felines what James Herbert’s horror classic, The Rats, did for rodents. It's violent, horror-laced mayhem with savage satire and devilish dark humor.The action starts on the first page and doesn’t stop till the shocking climax in the end. And when the Zomcats' 9 lives are up, they come back from the dead.

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