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Cousins' Club

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Cousins' Club for Kindle

"Written with a sharp, satiric blade...Cousins' Club reminded me strongly of Tristram Shandy." - Readers' FavoriteWhen a grandmother decides she's tired of being the matriarch of the least successful Jewish family in America, she begins to consult mystical, medieval texts.Determined that their next born grandchild will be a genius who changes their fortunes, little does she know that her worries are just beginning. Convinced that no one in her clan is smart enough to raise a genius by themselves, she decides that the child will be passed from household to household to gain their collective wisdom.A picaresque romp set in 1950's Brooklyn, Cousins' Club is a delightful escape filled with unusual events, radical rogues, cockeyed intellectuals and pie-eyed strivers. In the end, this family story begs the question: how wrong can a grandmother be?Semi-finalist for the 2017 Booklife Prize for General FictionPraise for COUSINS' CLUB:"Mix a little Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie, some history of lower Manhattan circa 50’s & 60’s and throw it all into a pot of hysterical Jewish humor. Cousins’ Club is a delightful read!" - George Landress"...a real achievement." - Publishers Weekly

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