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Shadow Storm (Quantum Touch Book 3)

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Shadow Storm (Quantum Touch Book 3) for Kindle

What will Fritz Russell have to confront next - and where?After he opened the portal into the Oval Office and became friends with the man who works there, Fritz reluctantly agreed to help the president make the world a safer place. He saved hostages, prevented a nuclear war, and began a life of excitement and danger he never saw coming.Now, an ominous shadow has been cast by a hidden enemy prepared to use violence to drive the world into turmoil. As unrest escalates and Fritz himself becomes a target, the portal seems to be the only way he, and the president, can end the growing danger and bring peace to the globe.But the voice in the shadows believes they cannot thwart his plan... and will do everything in his power to bring chaos to the world.The third book in the Quantum Touch series, Shadow Storm once again plunges Fritz into the Portal's mysteries and dangers.

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