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Black Heart (A Demon Paranormal Romance)
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Deadly Harm
Owen Mullen
4.4 Rating (3)

Halloween: A Halloween Mystery Book for Kids
Melanie Jackson
4 Rating (14)

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Sentinel Five (The Redaction Chronicles Book 2)

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Sentinel Five (The Redaction Chronicles Book 2) for Kindle

After the Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service is assassinated, a terrorist organization intent on unleashing a weapon of apocalyptic proportions brings the British government to its knees.In desperation, a deniable team is assembled to hunt down the terrorists. Called back from obscurity to lead them is Jack “Gorilla” Grant, a freelancer with a Smith & Wesson’ 39 and cut-throat razor... and he's ready to settle the score in his own, brutal fashion.But in a game where power players, traitors and terrorists work hand in hand, the most serious threats sometimes come from within. The Sentinel Five team turns their gunsights to the East, to Asia, and enters a killing ground of death.

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