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The Ruler (Men of the North Book 2)
Elin Peer
4.7 Rating (228)

The Single Daddy Club: Jason, Book 2
Donna Fasano
4.6 Rating (23)

UNWELCOME GUESTS: An atmospheric, suspenseful thriller
Anna Willett
4.3 Rating (58)

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Ketogenic Diet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners to Lose Weight and Get Healthy

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Ketogenic Diet: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners to Lose Weight and Get Healthy for Kindle

Revised, Updated & Expanded ~ Now Available in Paperback! ***THE THIRD EDITION*** This book contains secrets, proven steps, and strategies on how to lose weight and burn fat. It discusses ketogenic diet, the good it does to you, the different types of ketogenic diets, possible side effects, starting the diet, achieving ketosis, signals that you are in kitosis, and measuring kitosis. This book also provides a diet plan as well as a listing of what you can and cannot eat. Moreover, this book gives you several recipes that you can use for your ketogenic diet. There Are Many Benefits in Using This Book: Speedy Weight Loss with No Exercises at All Unshakable Confidence Health and Happiness Unstoppable Energy Younger Looking Skin What You Will Also Learn Inside: What Is a Ketogenic Diet? What Good does it Do? What Are the Different Types of Ketogenic Diets? What Are the Possible Side Effects of Ketosis? How Do I Start the Ketogenic Diet? How Can I Achieve Ketosis? What Are the 10 Signals that You Are in Ketosis? What Are the Different Ways to Measure Ketosis? What Is Your Ketogenic Diet Plan? What Can I Eat? What Can I Not Eat? What Are Some Recipes? And Much, Much, More! What Does This Diet Give You? A healthy way to burn fat, and keep it off for real Experience weight loss within weeks that stays lost Freedom from Hunger and better appetite control Increased energy to go about your daily routines Improved cholesterol readings Reduction in blood sugar and blood pressure If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. This step-by-step guide will give you all of the tools you need to achieve your NEW an INCREDIBLE Future Today only, take action now and get this Amazon bestseller for a limited time discount! Just remember! Investment in your health is the best present that you could ever make for yourself. Be Happy! Be Healthy! What Are You Waiting For? STOP Procrastinating. Scroll up and click “Buy now with 1-Click”®to purchase your copy right away! One-Click for a Healthier, Happier You!

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Sydney Addae


When you're the top wolf on the continent with the backing of the Goddess, how does an enemy topple your kingdom? By challenging you to a fight? No. By changing the rules.

After three hundred years of fighting and service to the Goddess, Silas Knight is the Patron, Alpha to the Alphas on the North American continent. As the top wolf, he fears little and has seen most things. But when he discovers someone or something has been quietly disturbing the natural order of things, he's surprised. Certain human women have the ability to birth fully functioning wolves, and that's a major problem.

Jasmine Bennett has no idea her deceased husband was a wolf shifter or that her twin sons are shifters. Her life changes when she rushes to her son's bedside after he's wounded in Afghanistan and returned stateside. Now her life's in danger because of her ability to give birth to a breed of beings she never knew existed.

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