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Bonded for Murder (Ruby Dark mysteries Book 1)
Bruce Most
4.7 Rating (12)

Blooming in the snow- poetry and prose
Sajid Iqbal
0 Rating (0)

The New Hire: A Billionaire Virgin Romance
Sage Rae
4.1 Rating (55)

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Vampire Romance: Bound to the Vampire, Desired by the Pack: A Paranormal Vampire Urban Fantasy (Dark DNA Book 1)

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Vampire Romance: Bound to the Vampire, Desired by the Pack: A Paranormal Vampire Urban Fantasy (Dark DNA Book 1) for Kindle

Sometimes, it takes a lot more than love to fix a scared, shy heart.After a lifetime of being heckled for her beliefs, Gabby Roberts has had enough: thank goodness, college is just around the corner.Then, quite by accident, Gabby met high school teacher one night. But Asher isn't like any other guy Gabby has ever encountered, and that's an understatement, but he soon gains her trust through his friendship and unwavering patience.She and Asher soon find themselves falling in love. And she finds herself thinking about things she never thought about before... will her thoughts become reality?Actual reviews:• My daughter wanted me to download Dark DNA. She is a teen and she loves all these vampire and werewolf staff.... She is reading lots of book of this genre, but most of the times she's disappointed. This times she told me she loved the plot and the characters. She told me this is a great paranormal romance. I guess I'll have to read it myself too! • I originally bought this book for my daughter who loves vampires and werewolves, but ended up reading it myself. This is a well-written paranormal romance book by author, Cera D. Colby that really captures your attention from beginning to end with it's characters and twists. If you're into vampires and werewolves you're going to love this book! • I wasn't sure I would like this when I started, but the story soon pulls you in and before you know it, you can't put it down. If you're a fan of Twilight, you'll love this book.• Dark DNA is a really interesting paranormal romance. It was fast paced and kept me surprised and wanting more.But Gabby's dreams of international scientific stardom and Asher's need for a trustworthy friend soon put their love in jeopardy. Asher struggles deeply with giving up the details of his past, until Gabby does something one night that may break their love forever.This book contains some violence and sexual situations. Recommended for ages sixteen and up.Order your copy today and start reading this vampire romance novel instantly.

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Waiter to the Rich and Shameless: Confessions of a Five-Star Beverly Hills Server
Paul Hartford

Description:A down-and-out musician chops off his hair to become a server at the top of the Hollywood food chain, discovering a cloistered world of money, fame, bad behavior and intrigue. Waiter to the Rich and Shameless is not just a peek into the secretive inner workings of a legendary 5-star restaurant; it is not just a celebrity tell-all or a scathing corporate analysis. It is a top-tier waiter's personal coming-of-age story, an intimate look into the complicated challenges of serving in the country's most elite, Hollywood-centric dining room while fighting to maintain a sense of self and purpose. ...
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