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KARMA NEMESIS: A Nail-Biting Political Thriller That Explores The Limits Of Karma

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KARMA NEMESIS: A Nail-Biting Political Thriller That Explores The Limits Of Karma for Kindle

Trouble In ParadiseSri Lanka is one of the most beautiful places on earth. A true holiday paradise filled with enchanting forests, mesmerizing beaches and smiling people. But it all changed when the current president rose to power. For many years, the population had to put up with corruption, political violence and ruthless totalitarianism. There’s no freedom, no justice, no hope.The Revolution Starts Within OurSoules Renu is a young journalist, who can’t tolerate the existing regime. She wants to make a difference and when she comes across some top-secret information about the president, she’s ready to go public and show the world about the misuse of power and the corruption level in her beautiful country. Her friends and family warn her about the great danger she’s in, but Renu is determined.Hope Can Never Be KilledRenu’s murder was a shock to the Colombo community. But nobody had the courage to do something. They were just too scared. That’s when things stated to change. Kamala, a young girl, starts investigating Renu’s murder case and the mystery is slowly unravelled. Will Kamala be able to unravel the mystery? Will she be able to avenge Renu’s death and spark a regime change in Sri Lanka? You’ll have to find out for yourself!Karma Is The Way Of LifeIn this political thriller, author Indika Guruge, takes us through the intricate network of power, corruption and violence that has dominated the political scene in Sri Lanka for the past decades. Combining political violence with Buddhist traditions, this spine-tingling mystery will help you understand reincarnation, karma and the results of our actions. TheLaw Of Karma is present in every aspect of our lives and this nail-biting story will take you on an emotional roller-coaster through modern day dangers and ancient Buddhist traditions.Are You Ready?Scroll up and grab your copy now.

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