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Healing Ruby: A Novel: Healing Ruby Book 1
Jennifer Westall
4.8 Rating (783)

Knocked Up By My Best Friend: A Friends to Lovers Romance
Piper Sullivan
4.8 Rating (154)

Helix of Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #3 (A Cole Sage Mystery)
Micheal Maxwell
4.8 Rating (89)

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Crisis In Baghdad: Leadership In A Risk Adverse Environment

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Crisis In Baghdad: Leadership In A Risk Adverse Environment for Kindle

This book is about providing combat leadership in an environment of risk aversion, which characterized the atmosphere in Baghdad, Iraq in September, 2006. This was a time of great adversity in Iraq and certainly was a tipping point for the war there.  This is a primer in how to provide proper leadership when the stakes are high and the far easier path would be to maintain the status quo. It centers around an experienced, hard-charging and hot-blooded commander who solved dangerous problems, moved forward toward winning the war and protecting his people from harm - while costing himself an upcoming promotion. This exciting and true tale is about making critical decisions that would reduce the potential for casualties or loss. These issues often had not been raised or addressed in over three and a half years of prior commanders. Situations existed there previously that could have caused harm or death to hundreds of Americans. The only reason that no American servicemen hadn’t been killed previously, due to these unidentified problems, was just blind luck and/or the grace of God. It’s a race against time to keep the enemy from discovering the weaknesses at his base and winning an easy propaganda victory that could turn the war. While this book focuses on combat leadership issues, its intent is to demonstrate that one person can make a difference, especially when the path of least resistance would have been to do only the minimum required to make it through the tour and get a medal. This book exposes many aspects of the Iraq War, warts and all, and shows the good and bad things a leader of a military unit or company can do while in charge of hundreds of personnel in a dangerous arena.

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A Provencal Mystery
Ann Elwood

Why did a nun in a seventeenth-century convent flagellate herself until her blood spattered the wall? Why did nuns save a child doomed to death in the Holocaust and who wanted her killed? Who wants a lost head-shaped reliquary that holds something other than a head? And are answers to these questions the key to a terrible modern-day death in a quiet archive?

When American historian Pandora (Dory) Ryan finds a very rare, uncataloged seventeeth century nun’s diary inside a record book at the provincial archives in Avignon, she is thrilled. This is historian’s treasure. But she doesn’t know yet that it will send her on a search that brings about changes in how she feels about her profession, the irrational, and love with a sexy Frenchman. And it will take her from the archive on a dangerous adventure into the countryside of Provence, which, beautiful as it is, has a long and bloody history.

The archive’s dramatis personae ...
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