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Nicholas Stephenson
4.7 Rating (43)

Bagel Boy
Aviva Gittle
4.9 Rating (18)

One Step Ahead: The British crime thriller
Denver Murphy
4.7 Rating (5)

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Restless Loves: Part One

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Restless Loves: Part One for Kindle

“Restless Loves: Part One” is a short story in series about second chances, romance, and friendships. Amy Sullivan is a single urban woman in her twenties, stuck in a love triangle after rekindling an old flame while getting over a breakup. As she makes her choices, Amy realizes that they alter her life forever. Is it too late to go back? And even if it is not, would she choose any differently? Amy’s life spirals into a series of heartwarming, tragic and passionate events with her friends by her side, spicing up her journey with some cringe-worthy moments. This unusual group of young adults will make you fall in love with them and resent their mistakes at the same time, remembering how torturous love can be in one’s twenties. Unexpected twists colored with passion and regret will show the selfish side hiding deep inside the darkest parts of ourselves, making us judge what we possess but tend to deny. All in the name of love and being loved. At a crossroad, there is only one way you can choose, leaving the other one in the past the moment you decide. What you chose, now becomes your life. “Your decisions, no matter how right or wrong, tailor your life, not asking you if it fits or not; forcing you to wear it as it is.”

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