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Nicholas Stephenson
4.7 Rating (43)

Bagel Boy
Aviva Gittle
4.9 Rating (18)

One Step Ahead: The British crime thriller
Denver Murphy
4.7 Rating (5)

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Playing Me for Kindle

I’m not your knight in shining armor, we both know that. But this between us? It’s real, I know you feel it too. Archer I love it when they scream my name. Crowds, paparazzi, women. They all give me what I want, the money and the fame. When I have an itch to scratch it's not hard to find a woman just begging me to show her my skills off stage. Did I earn a sleazy reputation in the process? Sure - but ask me if I give a sh*t. If my father taught me anything it's that women are all the same - it's better to use them than be used by them. But this one... why is she starting to make me wonder if she's different than the rest? Maybe I need to throw her in my bed and find out for myself... Corinne My father may have left us dirt poor and struggling when he died, but he was a gifted musician and I'm going to live the dream he left unfinished. Being signed to a major record label is the first step - but I never imagined they'd want to launch my career by putting me in a fake relationship with rockstar Archer Evans for publicity. They want to make me a somebody while fixing his bad boy reputation. A reputation he deserves. We may be faking it for the cameras, but the way he looks at me when we're alone is far from an act. He wants me, he's made that obvious, but I know better than to agree to one night with Archer. He's trouble and I won't let myself forget it, no matter how tempting he is with his angel voice and devil smile. Playing Me is a steamy standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhanger from highly rated author Jenny Lynn

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