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Burnt by the Flame
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Waiting for Ethan
Cynthia Boris
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Belle of the Ball: Three Graces Trilogy, Book 1
Pam McCutcheon
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Mendel: A Holocaust story for children

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Mendel: A Holocaust story for children for Kindle

Great introduction to the Holocaust for childrenIn Mendel, a father lovingly tells his two children the story of a Jewish boy who once lived in Poland during WWII. Each night after he tucks his children in, Father sits on the edge of the bed and begins his story about Papa, Mama and their three boys. Historically, the story is true. The tone is simple, poignant and gentle which makes it suitable for children aged 8 to 11. It teaches children about history in an ethically responsible way."If your family is Jewish, this a great book to start to teach kids in a gentle way some of the more difficult parts of our modern history. It is an excellent tool to generate healthy questions and discussions."The author, daughter of Holocaust survivor Manny Steinberg, emphasizes the importance of family, hope and love. ˃˃˃ The book has been illustrated with pencil drawings that beautifully depict the mood and era of the storyNo graphic details or violence

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