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Galactic Visions of Military SF & Space Opera

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Galactic Visions of Military SF & Space Opera for Kindle

This ebook contains samples of previously published material. In this ebook you will find;The first book of the Synchronicity War series (Part 1)The first book of the System States Rebellion series (Rumors of Glory)Empire in Crisis (sample chapters)The Last Valkyrie (sample chapters)The Thunder of War (sample chapters)If you have already read these books, there is no need to buy Galactic Visions. This compendium is intended for readers who are not yet familiar with my approach to military SF and space opera. If you're looking for the thrill of reading about mind-blowing concepts and battles ~ both in space and planet-side,then you'll enjoy these works. This compendium will be updated with additional sample material as I publish new books. Welcome to my universe and buckle up. It's going to be a bumpy ride! D.A.W.Categories: Space opera, space fleet, galactic empire, first contact, alien invasion, time travel, adventure, war

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There and Back There Again
Andrew Alsup

Description:This book is a story within a story. The topic of privacy and constitutional law is balanced by poetry, religion, and the love of a dog. This book is an undiscovered treasure. Every reader will have their favorite portion, which is yours? ...
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