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Simple Machines

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Simple Machines for Kindle

No ordinary love story. We crave love, compassion, warmth... Chloe Armstrong is one. She has what any young woman needed. Youth and beauty. A bright future. Now, she has a man to protect and nurture her...... and a strategy. Xander Manning is one, too. A successful middle-aged man. He has respect from his colleagues. Now, he has a girl to soothe the pain of his impending divorce... A twist of fate brought them together. A middle-aged man and a girl half his age. Passion and lust binds them. Their family, friends and colleagues will see everything. The chemistry. The danger. The potential future...... but will say nothing. The relationship is doomed to tragedy. A twist in the tale that will leave both parties devastated. Nothing will prevent it. Xander and Chloe are human beings. Blindly in love in the face of tragedy. They were simple machines, after all. Just like you. Get your copy of the year's most suspenseful roller coaster romance right now. Read Simple Machines for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription and look for it under romance and suspense. Other titles available by the author: Pure Dark Vol 1 Pure Dark Vol 2 Pure Dark Vol 3 Pure Dark Vol 1 - 3: The Ultimate Horror Endurance Trilogy Convenience Versus In Their Shoes: The First Trilogy In Their Shoes: The Second Trilogy In Their Shoes - The Teacher (Book I) In Their Shoes - The Actor (Book II) In Their Shoes - The Model (Book III) In Their Shoes - The Artist (Book IV) In Their Shoes - The Nurse (Book V) In Their Shoes - The Dealer (Book VI)

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