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The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures: A funny memoir of missteps, inadequacies and faux pas

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The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures: A funny memoir of missteps, inadequacies and faux pas for Kindle

The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures is a bestselling humorous memoir.If you have ever failed at love, finances, been fired, not fit in, self-diagnosed yourself with disorders and conditions and/or said "I really need to get my s*** together," this is the book for you. "THE FUNNIEST, WITTIEST AND MOST RELATEABLE BOOK A GIRL COULD EVER READ."        A. Evers,"If you have ever been married, divorced, had a relationship where he/she was not that into you, been a student, s*** your pants, had a crazy-awesome friend, or have kids in your life, you'll find something relatable in this book. Jessica Van Derven, Wisconsin Trophy Wife"This book will make you feel, as a woman and as a mother, that you suck less." Angie Stati, CarPool Shamers"Don't Read While Drinking (Your coffee or anything else, it will shoot out your nose from laughing.)   R Johnson, Ivy owl ReviewsAmy's self-deprecating style and short story format will remind you of David Sedaris, Jenny Lawson, and Tina Fey. You will appreciate your own dysfunction a little more as you take a journey through Amy's debacles including: I Was Not Talking To You, where Amy mistakes a handsome man waving at her as a potential suitor but in reality he was only trying to inform her that her coat belt was dragging on the freeway and In The Neighborhood, where members of a cult moving in concurred with a suspicious decline in the cat population. You will relish the chapters entitled Calls From Sharon, where Amy's best friend rants about her kids not getting a fair shot because public schools are 'so political,' her OBGYN reported that her vagina was 'too clean' and why the most eligible bachelor from 1982 had married a whore. Enjoy I'm Going to Kill You, where Amy compares her lack of sleep from her husband's snoring to the tactics CIA agents use to extract secrets from POW's. Feel 20-32% better about your own life after reading Getting Divorced Sucks, where 911 was called after Amy had an adverse reaction from taking Xanax.The book has been featured on the popular morning show Atlanta and Company, NPR, LA Talk Radio, What Women Want Radio Show, Just4Fun Radio, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Points North Magazine, My Forsyth Magazine, Scoop OTP, Northside Woman and multiple blogs. Amy Lyle is a comedienne, screenwriter, playwright for a large non-profit and monthly contributor to multiple magazines. Ten percent of the book proceeds are donated to The Place of Forsyth, a non-profit dedicated to helping people become self-sustaining.Book Club Guide  Amy's funny book is available in all formats including Kindle, paperback and as an audiobook.    FUNNY BOOKS FOR WOMEN, HUMOR ESSAYS, FUNNY BOOKS FOR MOMS, FUNNY SHORT STORIES, FUNNY MEMOIR, HUMOR MEMOIR, FUNNY BOOK CLUB BOOKS, BLENDED FAMILIES, APPALACHIA, STAND UP COMEDY, FUNNY ESSAYS, FUNNY BIOGRAPHY

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