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Keep Possession: A World Cup Fictional Thriller
Drew Leiden
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Coaccionado: Una aventura de las Pléyades
Arwen Chanlder
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All Jacked Up
Mysti Parker
5 Rating (24)

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10 Gruesome Tales of Fright

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10 Gruesome Tales of Fright for Kindle

10 Gruesome Tales of Fright will give you chills. It is a collection of horrific short stories that will make your skin crawl. Prepare yourself for the terrifying turmoil your mind will endure as you turn each and every page. The stories range from a spider that infests itself into someone's brain to a child's simple fear of what is under their bed. So turn on all the lights, grab yourself a blanket to hide in and read these stories with caution. You may not even know what the true meaning of fear is until you put yourself through not just one, but TEN of the freakiest stories you've ever heard.

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