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Keep Possession: A World Cup Fictional Thriller
Drew Leiden
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Coaccionado: Una aventura de las Pléyades
Arwen Chanlder
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All Jacked Up
Mysti Parker
5 Rating (24)

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The Chronicles of Henry Harper

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The Chronicles of Henry Harper for Kindle

Old Henry Harper doesn’t think he’s anyone important. He’s just an engineer, right? So why is this girl pestering him to write down his life story? Sure, he was there when humanity first broke the light speed barrier. Yes, he was present when they first met their galactic neighbors, and when the very first A.I. was born. Okay, so he’d seen rifts in space, planets that jump from system to system, and even stranger things. But, even so, he wasn’t some action hero, he was just a lowly engineer. No one ever wanted to hear about engineers! Except, apparently, for the ship’s new diplomatic assistant. Still, what could be the harm in humoring her? He had a few stories that always seemed to go over well. Now, where did he put that portable? See the galaxy through the eyes of veteran starship engineer, Henry Harper. Let him weave for you the story of his decades long career and the many incredible adventures he’s had along the way. Witness how he averted tragedy, solved crises, and learned the very best swear words in a dozen languages. Pay no mind to the explosions, I'm sure they were intentional.

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