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Killing The Sun: Part 1
K Larsen
4.2 Rating (55)

A Sensitive Situation (Touch Sensitive Book 2)
Lee Isserow
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Misfortune of Time: Druid's Brooch Series, 6
Christy Nicholas
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Outsourcing Sales: How to build an outsourced sales process

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Outsourcing Sales: How to build an outsourced sales process for Kindle

Too many books written about outsourcing have a broad scope and no actionable advice. “Outsourcing Sales: How to build an outsourced sales process and implement it successfully” was written to change that. This is a comprehensive guide to outsourcing the sales functions of your business with a step-by-step approach that can be easily implemented by any business. You will learn how to build out an accurate picture of your existing sales funnel and then translate that into “modules” which can be easily outsourced. With chapters dealing with finding, hiring and training remote employees, how to get the most out of any outsourced campaign, and scaling for growth, this short book contains everything you need to begin simplifying and growing your business while cutting costs. Written by John Tompkins, an entrepreneur with over 10 years experience building an outsourced virtual assistant business in the Philippines. This guide offers knowledge gained by working with hundreds of clients across various industries, as well as experience building a remote team to manage an offshore company. If you are a business owner looking to grow your sales force, simplify processes while gaining clients, or are simply looking to outsource a specific sales function this book will show you how in a simple, easy to duplicate, process.

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