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Nomad Found: A Kurtherian Gambit Series (Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Book 1)
Craig Martelle
4.6 Rating (145)

Occupied Seattle Box Set
Chris Kennedy
5 Rating (0)

Jaye L. Knight
4.8 Rating (38)

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Miist: A Finders Fantasy Adventure (The Bone Grit Historeum Book 1)

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Miist: A Finders Fantasy Adventure (The Bone Grit Historeum Book 1) for Kindle

Now in development for a major motion picture."Rarely does a book come along that so captivates me that I know without a doubt it is the beginning of a new phenomenon." - Readers FavoriteEven though Root, a bright young vagrant girl can use her magic to find anything, the last thing she wants to find is the Guardian’s Miist. But when he holds a noose rope at her back and shoves a bunch of rag tag rivals in her face, she soon realizes she better find that Miist or most indubitably lose everything else.For fans of Harry Potter’s humor and The Hunger Games’ thrilling action comes Miist, book one of the fantasy adventure series, The Bone Grit Historeum. Delve further into the magic, laughs and adventure at and get your free companion novella, Grit Bits. Order NowPraise for The Bone Grit Historeum"Colorfully and deeply written" Michelle Moore, Book Club Forum -Kent, UK"A smashing breakthrough hit!"Penelope Bartotto,Library at the End of the Universe - Wisconsin, Ill, USA"I loved this book!" Marta Morrison, Teacher/Teens Read Too - Orange County, California "An excellent work of fantasy! This book would be excellent for use in the classroom" Christine Hall, Teacher/Student of Saga - Houston, Texas“I stayed up to late and got up to early to finish it. I was unable to put it down until the end and then I wanted more.” Lissa Pabast, Teacher - Chicago, Ill, USA"A gorgeous and magical world! I look forward to recommending it to my students." Sarah Mulhern, Teacher/The Reading Zone - Freehold, New Jersey"Beguiling and clever!""Strikingly beautiful!" Kathleen Gilligan, Kathleen's Book Reviews“The colorful depth of her characters and the particular attention she pays to the bright little corners of her fantasy worlds create a tapestry that hangs in your mind long after the book is closed.”Rod Clark, Times Book Review“A Fabulous Story!”April Pohren, Café of Dreams“Thumbs up!”Bookfoolery and Babble

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Cluster Faux
Dan Long

Description:In 1976 New Jersey, motor vehicles supervisor Karl Devers lives his life and chooses his destiny based on tainted memory clusters. No-holds-barred investigator Jimmy Rossiter closes every case he’s ever been assigned. Mild-mannered state trooper Conrad Hunt counts the weeks until retirement and has nothing to prove to anyone. When a local woman goes missing, Rossiter launches a murder investigation without a key piece of evidence. The body. And when a routine traffic stop sets Karl squarely in Connie’s path, every instinct Connie possesses will be tested. Is Karl the down-on-his-luck man Connie perceives him to be? Or is he something—and someone—far darker? Three lives collide, catapulting the men into an intricate game of cat and mouse. In a struggle between reputation and redemption, how far will each man go…to save himself? ...
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