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Moon Blood (The First Blood Son Book 1)
Carol McKibben
4.6 Rating (9)

Magnolia Tree (The Crossing Trilogy Book 1)
June V. Bourgo
5 Rating (4)

Way of the Moon Bear
Joseph E. Green
5 Rating (0)

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Shadow of FAith

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Shadow of FAith for Kindle

Zoe and Alf make promises to each other before parting for separate colleges. Can they keep those promises? Zoe is forced into a world she doesn’t understand, and a college far from home and her beloved family. Alf meets Sarah at school, but is forced to honor his promise to Zoe, and keeps Sarah at bay, even though he’s attracted to her. Lucas Wright, the perfect gentleman, paves the way for Zoe at college, and while she feels something for Lucas, she holds the space in her heart for Alf. Will Zoe and Alf end up together? Or, will Sarah and Lucas come to mean more to them than either of them can resist?

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