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Moon Blood (The First Blood Son Book 1)
Carol McKibben
4.6 Rating (9)

Magnolia Tree (The Crossing Trilogy Book 1)
June V. Bourgo
5 Rating (4)

Way of the Moon Bear
Joseph E. Green
5 Rating (0)

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The Alien Club

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The Alien Club for Kindle

From your first love, to your last stand... When everything is your first, you're an alien. A rich tale of love and war, and the interpersonal relationships that forge them both. The Alien Club follows the path forged by a ten-year-old boy, blindly clawing his way through the confusing, frightening and utterly fascinating life afforded him via a magical neighborhood situated in suburbia USA, during the summer of 1979. Wrought with heroism and hilarious happenings, The Alien Club is a truly mesmerizing journey created by a series of tragic and fanciful events that are thrust into motion by seemingly mundane issues that grip and alter the trajectory of an innocent youth. Major contemporary social issues are the fabric of this story: peer pressure, child abuse, sexual awakenings and drugs. The Alien Club is a timeless modern classic that has been described by more than one reviewer as the crossroads of The Goonies, The Outsiders, The Lord of the Flies and Stand by Me (The Body).

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