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Cowboy's Baby
S. L. Finlay
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Ronki The Snoring Pig
Denin Nolan
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Queenie's Teapot: A Political Satire (Queenie Chronicles Book 1)
Carolyn Steele
4.5 Rating (11)

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The Dreamer

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The Dreamer for Kindle

Joe is looking forward to his senior year in college when he is kidnapped and taken from the United States. His life will forever be different. Back when Obama was first president, he and the Governor of Arizona were battling. The fight was about border security. Arizona was carrying out the federal laws for border protection, while the federal government stood by and did nothing. The reason Arizona was so adamant about border security was because US citizens were being kidnapped and taken across the border. Think about that, US citizens being kidnapped and taken from the country, but that is the reality of what happened. The Dreamer is a series about a US citizen that is captured and taken across the border.

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