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God Drug
Stephen Antczak
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Summary of The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage by Mel Robbins
Concise Reading
4.3 Rating (10)

Tug Of War (Bloodlines Series)
K. Larsen
4 Rating (147)

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Easy Paleo Recipes to Boost Cognitive Ability | 10 Delicious Meals and Drinks Using Clinically Proven Brain Foods and Herbal Nootropics

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Easy Paleo Recipes to Boost Cognitive Ability | 10 Delicious Meals and Drinks Using Clinically Proven Brain Foods and Herbal Nootropics for Kindle

WHAT IF YOU COULD REDUCE BRAIN FOG AND EXPERIENCE ENHANCED MENTAL PERFORMANCE ALL BY EATING DELICIOUS FOOD AND HERBS? HINT... YOU CAN WITH THE RIGHT PLAN! Easy Paleo Recipes to Boost Cognitive Ability contains a synthesis of my 12+ years of research and experimentation with the top brain boosting foods and herbs. Every cognitive enhancer mentioned in the book has been shown effective and safe in clinical trials with humans and has significant traditional use behind it. By making and enjoying these paleo approved recipes (dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, legume-free) you will be able to naturally: ~ nourish and restore optimal cognitive function ~ support short and long term memory ~ balance levels of neurotransmitters such as anandamide, dopamine, and serotonin ~ improve mental focus and concentration ~ boost the underlying factors involved in crystallized and fluid intelligence MY CREDENTIALS AND TRAINING Since 2005 I have been immersed in the natural health field as a nutritionist, herbalist, and integrative health practitioner. My specialty during this time has been creating brain enhancing recipes that are delicious, easy, and made from whole food ingredients. My background includes: ~ Master’s Degree in Nutrition ~ Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner ~ Certified Holistic Health Practitioner ~ Trained Herbalist ~ Natural Chef I have also counseled over 200 clients with the teachings in this book to prove their validity. My methods are a synthesis of the best teachings from traditional wisdom and modern clinical studies combined with my own direct experience. OVERVIEW OF THE BOOK ABOUT TRISTAN SUMMERFIELD - Read about the powerful life experience that sent me on a quest to understand how to support and optimize brain function. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN - Get a quick breakdown of all the brain foods, herbal nootropics, recipes, and supportive practices that are covered in this book. ADVANCING HUMAN COGNITIVE POTENTIAL - Learn how natural nootropics (brain enhancing substances) have played a critical part in the evolution of the human brain both in the past and present. BRAIN FOOD RESEARCH & SOURCING - Discover the top brain foods, summaries of relevant clinical research, where to source high quality versions, and foods to avoid. HERBAL NOOTROPIC RESEARCH & SOURCING - An overview of ten proven medicinal and adaptogenic herbs, research on each, and where to source high quality versions. 10 DELICIOUS COGNITIVE ENHANCING RECIPES - I have been making paleo recipes for 12+ years and the following collection includes the tastiest, easiest to prepare, and most effective meals and drinks I have ever created. SUPPORTIVE PRACTICES - I also include additional practices that support cognitive function such as brain boosting fitness routines, sleep optimization techniques, neurotoxin cleansing strategies, nature connection, and functional brain health tests. COGNITIVE ENHANCEMENT ROADMAP - A visual diagram and summary of all the elements of the book. You can print out this page (and the recipe pages!) for easy reference to all the key material. RECIPES INCLUDED 1. CACAO SMOOTHIE WITH BRAIN BOOSTING BERRIES 2. SUPERFOOD CEREAL WITH NUTS AND SEEDS 3. SALMON SALAD WITH MUSTARD DRESSING 4. HOMEMADE COCONUT MILK 5. PALEO BROWNIES WITH COCONUT FLOUR 6. PALEO BULLETPROOF COFFEE INFUSED WITH NOOTROPICS 7. ADAPTOGENIC LEMONADE WITH SCHISANDRA AND BLUEBERRIES 8. MATE LATTE WITH ALMOND MILK 9. MOOD AND MEMORY BOOST HERBAL NOOTROPIC TEA 10. MEDICINAL MUSHROOM SOUP WITH LION'S MANE MUSHROOM ADDITIONAL HIGHLIGHTS OF THE BOOK ~ 74 research studies cited and summarized to prove the effectiveness of the recommendations ~ 88 links to my favorite ingredient sources and resources (none of which are affiliate links) READY TO GET STARTED?! CLICK THE BUY BUTTON ABOVE TO GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THESE DELICIOUS RECIPES AND EMPOWERING INSIGHTS!

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