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The Book of Genesis with margaritas and talking goats
Marc Richard
4 Rating (29)

Turning Payne (Therian Agents Book 2)
Chantel Seabrook
4.8 Rating (49)

A Shine That Defies the Dark
Jodi Gallegos
4.9 Rating (16)

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Epic Consciousness: CREATE Purpose and Prosperity to Slow Time and Love Life Again

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Epic Consciousness: CREATE Purpose and Prosperity to Slow Time and Love Life Again for Kindle

Are YOU Living a Life Without Limits?Is your life determined by the day you're living? Or how about the sequence of the tasks at hand? Are you living until the next time you have to go to the grocery store? Does your life revolve around getting off work? These things will never give you the sense of fulfillment that every person has the power to create, the power of standards. This contrast is best articulated by the classic battle of short-term appeasement and long-term investment. The issue is such: the thrill of the short term, of ordering that extra milkshake, of blowing off homework to watch tv with friends, of forsaking your goals to relax, is empty. You're letting your perceptions deceive you. When you were young, you were born into a world of good behavior, of staying on the tracks, of equating consumption to having meaning. You were taught to want something, but not to achieve it by any means necessary. You weren't taught to be POWERFUL, you were taught to CONFORM. The beliefs instilled in you during your upbringing have brought you to the pass you're at. No matter if you're 13 or 70, every day you're subconsciously told how to think. Show up to work. Contribute to soceity. Become part of a cause you don't believe in. Follow the road expected of you. Kick off your shoes once you've "done your part" for the day. Rinse and repeat day after day after day until the world has squeezed you for every drop of juice you're worth. Is that right? Is that fair? Don't YOU know that you're worth more than that? Why not CHOOSE your lot in life? In EPIC Consciousness: CREATE Purpose and Prosperity to Slow Time and Love Life Again you will encounter:How you lost your purpose: why your life goals are wrong, what small steps you can take in each moment to redirect your flow of energy to the things that are truly important, and simple small exercises and questions to help you find what went wrong so you can adaptCREATE your purpose: how doing so will cause the tumblers to fall into place, how to overcome vague thinking and focus on a powerful vision, tools to craft motivation from the ground upTurning purpose into progress: how to overcome the "new years resolution" crash-and-burn, how to stop problems you encounter from slowing you down, and how to make the time to work on you and move yourself forwardLoving life and slowing time: letting your purpose and progress snowball until it becomes easy, enjoyable, and self perpetuating, tightening the bolts and committing to your new lifestyleEach section is dense with materials and tricks to getting you to put your "right" foot forward, and lifting off the ground!A better life is only a few pages away from you.Saul Veganis is an author that challenges himself to fill his life with sensation. His common suburban upbringing taught him valuable lessons in what happens once you step off the hamster wheel and question the cage you never saw. There's so much life not being lived, and so much potential you haven't tapped into since entering this world. Saul is a passionate man dedicated to helping all those in his life find their joy. Any person out there, regardless of age, story, or station in life, will benefit from the exercises captured in this short read. Totally convinced in his belief that this book will give you the nudge you need to change your routines to open your perception, Saul has offered it with a lifetime money back guarantee if it doesn't help you as it is intended. If but one lesson offered helps you to realize that you can be the change you want to see in the world, it will have been a small but life-shifting investment that will help you grow and change into who you want to be. But you need to start now, for tomorrow never comes. Do you want a better life, mind, and relationship with the world around you? Do it today, read inside to find out what you can do.

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Ride: The Veil (Puca Mates Book 4)
A.C. James

Description:"This is a must read series!" - Roxie's Reviews He gave her one helluva ride… Felicity’s investigation into the púca shapeshifter haunting the island turns up new suspects as she tumbles down a dangerous path. Niall discovers exactly how much Felicity means to him and races to rescue his mate at all costs. Is it too late? "The whole serial wa utterly mind-blowing!" - Cherri-Anne, Goodreads ...
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