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Camp Abahati

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Camp Abahati for Kindle

This story is true. Not even the names have been changed. I may end up being kicked out of camp for telling “what happens at camp”, but it’s a risk I am willing to take. After all, I’m innocent! Our deer camp, Camp Abahati, started in 1965. Since then we are in our 51st year of hunting the same piece of ground. Not many deer camps can lay claim to that. And two of the three original hunters are still hunting there. You would have to look hard to find that at any other camp. The group has grown over those 51 years to include two more Camp Elders, including yours truly, and their offspring which now numbers 15 children and grandchildren. All of whom have killed their first deer on that property or in the surrounding area. There are stories that will excite you. Stories that will make you laugh. Stories that will make you shake your head and think, “did they REALLY do that?” The foreword to the book was written by a good friend and outstanding writer, Daniel Lamoreux. Daniel and I have shared a lot over the years. A few hunts, some fishing trips, some fine cigars and some great whiskey. He is a friend tried and true, and his foreword is worth the price of this book. If you are a deer hunter I know you will enjoy reading this tale. If you aren’t a deer hunter the stories of family and friends makes for some great reading. It’s not about the killing; it’s about the hunting, the friendship, and the camaraderie!

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