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The Ruler (Men of the North Book 2)
Elin Peer
4.7 Rating (228)

UNWELCOME GUESTS: An atmospheric, suspenseful thriller
Anna Willett
4.3 Rating (58)

The Single Daddy Club: Jason, Book 2
Donna Fasano
4.6 Rating (23)

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Billionaire Romance: Music in his Heart (Feel the Music Book 3)

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Billionaire Romance: Music in his Heart (Feel the Music Book 3) for Kindle

What do you do when an attractive woman tries to pick you up at a bar? For Christian the answer is simple – you let her. Sam is tipsy but quite aware of her attraction to this stranger, and would be even terrifying would be to be reminded of her actions the next morning. Neither of them cared to ask each other’s names until the next hangover morning when it turns out that they have unleashed a disaster upon themselves. Sam is an award-winning composer, who has been turning down Christian’s company’s deals for years, while for Christian this deal might mean serious promotion and finally praise from his strict father and two older brothers’ whose success have been overshadowing him his whole life. The problem is that Sam has not written a line since the goddamn award three years ago. She fears she is one of those stars that sparkles for but one moment and are never seen again. She cannot let anyone know about her inability to compose. Not even Christian?

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Sydney Addae


When you're the top wolf on the continent with the backing of the Goddess, how does an enemy topple your kingdom? By challenging you to a fight? No. By changing the rules.

After three hundred years of fighting and service to the Goddess, Silas Knight is the Patron, Alpha to the Alphas on the North American continent. As the top wolf, he fears little and has seen most things. But when he discovers someone or something has been quietly disturbing the natural order of things, he's surprised. Certain human women have the ability to birth fully functioning wolves, and that's a major problem.

Jasmine Bennett has no idea her deceased husband was a wolf shifter or that her twin sons are shifters. Her life changes when she rushes to her son's bedside after he's wounded in Afghanistan and returned stateside. Now her life's in danger because of her ability to give birth to a breed of beings she never knew existed.

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