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Sister sleuths Lea, a freelance business writer, and Maddy, an interior designer, are sticking their noses into the murder their curious canine discovered under the Pier in their peaceful beach community. Their sleuthing is much to the dismay of Lea's husband, Paul, and his best friend, cunning detective Tom.

There's no shortage of suspects since the victim was despised by several people in town including a humiliated fiancé jilted at the altar, angry co-workers frustrated by his undeserved success, a married lover and her devoted spouse, a powerful co- conspirator, an employee wrongfully terminated, and dangerous criminal associates.

You're guaranteed to love the sisters' spunk, intelligence, and tenacity, as well as the twists and turns of this intriguing plot. These irrepressible siblings are up to the challenge and only stop when the mystery is solved.

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See You Again: A Small Town Southern Romance (Wishful Romance Book 8)
Kait Nolan

Description:A mother of the groom billionaire romance for the Wishful wedding of the year Mayor Sandra Crawford has survived divorce. She's survived cancer. But she's not at all sure she'll survive the discovery that her town's billionaire philanthropist benefactor is actually the man she nearly left her husband for almost thirty years ago. Gerald Peyton, III didn't fight for Sandy back in college--a decision he's regretted ever since. Now Trey's older, wiser, and determined to win the heart of the woman he's never forgotten.When they wake up married in Vegas, Sandy chalks it up to a reckless mistake, but Trey's not willing to let her go so easily. Can he convince her to give their marriage a legitimate chance, or will she let him go for good this time? ...
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