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Nightcrawler 3 - The Plague

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Nightcrawler 3 - The Plague for Kindle

Sabrina Brooks remains in a coma at Bellevue Hospital. Her room is surrounded by government agents seeking information about the masked vigilante. Another Nightcrawler has resurfaced, continuing in his struggle against the Russian Mob and the Tryzub terror gang. Hoyt Wexford has been placed in charge of the NYPD's Nightcrawler Squad, and ordered to apprehend the rogue crimefighter. Time is of the essence, as a new terror cell under the mysterious Apollyon arises. Their demand: a $100 million ransom, lest they unleash a mutated Ebola strain upon the populace of NYC. Is this new Nightcrawler the only hope, or can Hoyt find the masked avenger and learn his secrets before it is too late?. The Plague is the third book in JRD's Nightcrawler series.

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