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God Drug
Stephen Antczak
3.8 Rating (11)

Summary of The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage by Mel Robbins
Concise Reading
4.3 Rating (10)

Tug Of War (Bloodlines Series)
K. Larsen
4 Rating (147)

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The Bandit

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The Bandit for Kindle

Tired of lying in wait, the exiled Noble Bandit seizes his chance at revenge. As the birth of the Royal Twins nears, Peasant General Guarding Bear is repatriated by the Emperor. Soon after, the bandit makes clear his thirst for vengeance. Incensed and fearing for the safety of his heirs, the emperor orders the general to lay siege to his enemy's fortress. In preparation, the general recruits the aid of a powerful wizard and a skilled young healer. Yet none suspect a traitor lies in their midst. One of the last Northerners left alive after the civil war, the emperor's own sorcerer reaches out to the bandit. As loyalties are tested and new alliances made, who will rise above and claim victory as their own?. Fast-paced and full of unexpected twists, The Bandit is the second book in the captivating Fall of the Swords series.

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