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Bundle of Trouble (humorous mystery) (A Maternal Instincts Mystery Book 1)

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Bundle of Trouble (humorous mystery) (A Maternal Instincts Mystery Book 1) for Kindle

"Engaging…[A] charming debut thriller.” --Publishers Weekly The hilarious first book in the Bestselling Maternal Instincts Mystery Series A body has been dredged from the San Francisco Bay. Kate Connolly, pregnant and ready to pop, has reason to fear it may be her long lost brother-in-law. When a private investigator begins nosing around, Kate decides on a new career path. Battling sleep deprivation, diaper blowouts and breastfeeding mishaps she muddles through her own investigation, Mommy style: To do: 1. Find Killer 2. Figure out hideous breast pump. 3. Avoid cranky cop. 4. Send out Make birth announcements. 5. Buy pink paper for the birth announcements. 5. FIND KILLER Family life has never been so exciting, but after Kate launches her own female detective agency, she may just get more than she bargained for. Full of suspense, this cozy is unputdownable!

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Waiter to the Rich and Shameless: Confessions of a Five-Star Beverly Hills Server
Paul Hartford

Description:A down-and-out musician chops off his hair to become a server at the top of the Hollywood food chain, discovering a cloistered world of money, fame, bad behavior and intrigue. Waiter to the Rich and Shameless is not just a peek into the secretive inner workings of a legendary 5-star restaurant; it is not just a celebrity tell-all or a scathing corporate analysis. It is a top-tier waiter's personal coming-of-age story, an intimate look into the complicated challenges of serving in the country's most elite, Hollywood-centric dining room while fighting to maintain a sense of self and purpose. ...
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