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10 FAT Rules - Losing Weight to LOOK Better, FEEL Better and LIVE Longer.
Timm Oglesby
5 Rating (10)

Cluster Faux
Dan Long
5 Rating (2)

Living Abroad Successfully: What, Where, When, How
Rachel Smets
5 Rating (23)

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Spiralizer Cookbook

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Spiralizer Cookbook for Kindle

Healthy, Paleo, Gluten Free Lifestyle Made Easy, Exciting and Fun!
You don't have to eat just have to eat right...

Your Spiralizer Recipe Collection- Perfect for Healthy & Quick, Painless Weight Loss Plans!

✔ Discover how much variety you can ENJOY on a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and veggies so that you never feel deprived again.

✔ Your guide to eating healthy + gluten-free + paleo + low carb while keeping your taste buds satisfied!

Dear Reader,

Do you think that healthy diets are boring, tastless, complicated or confusing?
Not too sure where to start your transition?
Would you like to learn how to eat a healthy, wholesome, paleo style diet and make it:

- Doable

- Fun

- Inexpensive

- Full of variety and taste

- Family friendly

- Quick and easy (your time is valuable)

If so, read on. The solution is just in front of you!

You can kickstart your healh and weight loss revolution with a vegetable spiralizer!

You are just about to discover how to use it to create a myriad of healthy and delicious, family-friendly recipes (100% gluten-free) that include:

- healing soups
- creative salads
- tasty oriental dishes
- sweet fruit salads

The recipes are divided into different sections:

- Paleo recipes
- Fish paleo recipes
- Meatless, vegan paleo recipes
- Soups
- Salads

You don't have to eat less. You just have to eat right!

Start feeding your body with healthy, nutrient-rich meals that are delcious and easy to prepare!

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