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Financial Management for Beginners
David Stokes
5 Rating (21)

The Planet Urth Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3 (The Planet Urth Boxed Set)
Jennifer & Christopher Martucci
4.3 Rating (114)

The Cost of Crude: A Gwynn Reznick Mystery
Inge-Lise Goss
4.5 Rating (119)

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Wall Street Diva

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Wall Street Diva for Kindle

Wall Street Diva follows the life of Jane Sohn, a beautiful, smart and sexy Korean American, who ran away as a teenager from her abusive family in Texas, and made her way to New York City to reinvent herself and leave a painful past behind. She's climbed the corporate ladder and fought her way to the top to become a successful executive on Wall Street. Jane's life couldn't be more perfect: married and living in the tony Upper East Side, on the fast track in her Wall Street career, and mother to an adorable three-year-old daughter. But nothing is ever as perfect as it seems and control freak Jane finds out that she can't control much of anything as her life heads towards one big disaster after another. As she struggles through a divorce, a job loss due to a corporate merger, and having to split her time with her daughter, Jane turns to alcohol and sex for solace. Adjusting to her new single status and rediscovering her raw sexuality, Jane gets involved with Wall Street's most powerful men, including the CEO buying her company, the corporate lawyer negotiating the merger, and a married billionaire whose sexting addiction puts her at risk of losing everything. With the help of her best friends, Jane deals with Asian fetishes, one-night stands, Wall Street's elite power brokers, a vindictive billionaire's wife out to destroy her, and crazy encounters with everyone from a flamboyant British psychic, a horny U.S. Senator and a famous Hollywood movie producer with grace, sexiness and a sense of humor. An erotic story of one woman's sexual awakening after her divorce, and navigating through Wall Street's most powerful men.

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