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A Mersey Killing

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A Mersey Killing for Kindle

A skeleton and a missing woman. A mystery spanning two generations.

Liverpool, 1961. A group of young men come together, seeking fame and fortune as the fledgling sounds of 'The Swinging Sixties' take root in the great port city. Very soon, Liverpool will become synonymous with the groups and the music that will shape a generation.

Liverpool, 1999. When skeletal remains are found during an urban redevelopment project in the city's docklands, it leads Detective Inspector Andy Ross and Sergeant Izzie Drake into a journey through time, as the investigation takes them back to early days of 'The Mersey Beat'. Whose bones lay beneath the mud of the River Mersey for over thirty years, and what links them to a young woman, missing for the entire time?

The urgency increases when the murder of a former I.R.A. hit-man takes place on the eve of the millennium. Is there a connection to the bones in the mud?

A Mersey Killing is a sweeping tale across the decades as witnesses bring the sixties back to life for Ross and Drake, and the action smoothly switches from one era to another as the case progresses to a stunning, bloody conclusion.

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