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The Queen's Pass

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The Queen's Pass for Kindle

Revenge is a dish best served cold. He waited patiently for countless years until the right moment came, and unleashed powers long forgotten.

The King of Ver is about to die. Eastern parts of his country are close to an open rebellion for independence. The king's son Crana knows that this uprising is a product of his father's ignorance, but he's not aware of the plans of a secret brotherbood; plans to sabotage his final negotiations with the lords of the insubordinate regions.

Paladins Bren and Laris witness the beginning of this chain of unexpected events but are unable to prevent the tragedy, and set out to bring the person responsible to justice. The peacekeepers of the realm are running out of time, and like the kingslayer, the truth is concealed by a dark shadow. And so is the person behind all the events.

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