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Avenue of the Dead

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Avenue of the Dead for Kindle

First seen in the short story The Devil You Know, included here as a bonus, Detective Captain Juan Morales returns in the chilling Avenue of the Dead.

After the baffling case of the six missing choirboys and the tragic revelations surrounding the death of his brother, the priest Father Rodrigo, Morales is faced with his strangest case yet. A vacation with his best friend in Mexico City leads him into a world of human sacrifice, ancient Gods, and a relationship with the beautiful archaeologist Sophia Kanakarides. When Sophia goes missing, Morales and his friend Francisco Tamayo face a race against time to save her from the knife of the High Priest of the Old Religion.

Set against the backdrop of the ancient ruined city of Teotihuacán, Avenue of the Dead is an ‘edge of the seat' thriller that will set your pulse racing as time begins to run out and the gripping and surprising finale unfolds.

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