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The Christmas Present From My Past
Grace Risata
4.8 Rating (18)

Love Conquers Cancer : Discover Hope and Alternative Healing on the Road to Wellness
Andrea London ,Jack London
5 Rating (10)

The Spark
Sylvie Stewart
4.6 Rating (115)

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Photo Composition Mastery!

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Photo Composition Mastery! for Kindle

New! Revised and expanded edition!

Artisitc composition is where the rubber meets the's the difference between a snapshot and a photograph you would be proud to hang on the wall!

Here is the table of contents to show you a bit of what is covered:

The Fastest Way To Master Your Camera
Make Your Own Softboxes
3 Steps to Stunning Photography!
Elements Of Composition
Composition Defined
Framing Elements
Cultural/Psychological Positioning
Physical Positioning
Visual Framing
Shoot From A Unique Vantage Point
Directing The Eye
Leading Lines
Horizontal, Vertical And Diagonal Leading Lines
Photo Exercise 1
The Rule Of Thirds
The Bull's Eye
The Power Points
The Power Lines
Breaking The Rules
Photo Exercise 2
Additional Photo Training

This On Target Photo Training volume is easy and fast to read and will have you comfortable with composition tips, tricks and tactics in no time!

Leading Lines - Leading lines are photo elements that will draw the viewers eye into the photo (and keep it there). Plus, they direct attention to the main subject in the photo and make it "read" the way you envisioned it.

Diagonal Lines - Diagonal lines in a photo are powerful! If you want to denote power and dynamism in your photos, use diagonal lines.

The Rule Of Thirds - The old standby...the rule of thirds is probably the most well known compositional rule. We cover it to be complete. Who knows, maybe this is the first photo book you've read!

And more...And more...And more...

Between the text, sample photos and training exercises - this easy to understand volume will have you comfortable with all the photo composition concepts and shooting better photos in no time.

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A Murder of Crows
Tom Lowe

Description:When Joe Billie stops a grave robber from unearthing a Seminole Indian burial site, Joe becomes the prime suspect in a bizarre murder. For Sean O'Brien, the first challenge is getting Joe to talk about the circumstances surrounding the killing. As Joe faces first-degree murder charges, O’Brien thinks he knows why his old friend is evasive. But proving it will send O'Brien deep into Seminole history to uncover a greedy killer hell-bent on creating a modern day Trail of Tears. ...
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