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Moon Blood (The First Blood Son Book 1)
Carol McKibben
4.6 Rating (9)

Magnolia Tree (The Crossing Trilogy Book 1)
June V. Bourgo
5 Rating (4)

Way of the Moon Bear
Joseph E. Green
5 Rating (0)

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My Name Is Thank-You

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My Name Is Thank-You for Kindle

My Name Is Thank-You is a gripping story of family, friendship, and what it truly means to be grateful, by fresh new author Kaizen Love.

Journey into the lives of Thank-You and Josephine. We follow as their lives change over the course of four seasons. Their voices creating around us, a world filled with love, gratitude, bravery, self discovery, and forgiveness as well as shining a light on loneliness, fear, ignorance, abuse and hatred.

Thank-You is an uneducated, bi-racial orphan who views the world beyond what her young eyes can see. She is filled with an overwhelming desire to find a place where she belongs. With the help of her social worker, Miss Felix, Thank-You goes on a journey to find a family and what she discovers is more than she would ever imagine.

Josephine Dieu is a young, wealthy socialite, who comes from a prominent African American family. Her voice is heavy with sadness, carrying the burden of a disinterested father and an alcoholic mother. Her life is lonely, having no friends or siblings. Yet, underneath all of her sadness peaks the innocence of childhood, which yearns for a loving home. As the story unfolds, Josephine's story saddens us with its overwhelming truth and empowers us with hope as she overcomes every obstacle to get her voice heard.

Deeply meaningful, rich, and quirky, My Name Is Thank-You is a powerful new novel, that will leave you inspired, breathless, and yearning for more words.

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