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Moribund Tales

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Moribund Tales for Kindle

9 shocking pieces of short dark fiction that will take you on a horrifying exploration into the dark side of human nature.

The tales are diverse and range from memories of blood and remorse in 'Broken Glass,' to a chilling brotherly compassion in 'Last Straw of Humanity,' from dark rituals and soul searching in 'Soul Reflection,' to a mysterious voice, guiding a blind traveller in 'The Chaperone.'

You will find tales of cunning revenge and fiery metamorphosis in 'Infant's Fingers' and one lonely man's quest for love going horribly wrong in the previously unpublished 'Affectionate Cadaver.'

The collection also includes the acclaimed 'Tears of Repentance' and 'Internal Abduction.' Some tales appeared previously in print elsewhere, others appear here for the first time.

"Raw and visceral, these stories will keep you up at night." - Paul Kane

"These horror stories read like sharp, hard blows to the gut. Grab it and give it a read." - John F.D. Taff

"Erik Hofstatter's Moribund Tales is a short anthology written in a Poe influenced Gothic style. This toe dipping offers the right amount of time inside the warm treacle of words. Any longer gulping below the surface may leave some readers feeling breathless." - The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog

"Hofstatter has made a daring choice in attempting to recreate the romance and dread of the nineteenth century gothic masters such as Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley, while adding his own twist to the style. He has done an excellent job of reproducing the chaotic effect that was the trademark of Victorian gothic fiction." - Lisa McCarthy

"On the whole, Moribund Tales is a pleasantly creepy read. His style is dark, gothic, and only somewhat gory. They remind me of both Edgar Allan Poe and old black and white movies starring Vincent Price. These tales are not full stories with a standard beginning, middle, and end. They are snapshots in the wilderness, bits of horror that fell off along the way. They're the sort of stories one might hear in a tent late at night, accompanied by the flicker of a solitary flashlight." - Wicked Channel

"These tales of dark fiction have a true Gothic style tone to them, with influences from Poe and Stoker very much alive, mixed with the writer's own unique twist." - The Strange and the Curious

"The anthology does work as a good showcase/introduction to Hofstatter's writing. There is a balanced mix of various different types of horror, I'm sure there is something for everyone. At just under two pounds and just short of fifty pages, it's ideal for anyone who want a quick horrific fiction fix." - The Eloquent Page

Praise for Tears of Repentance:

"A haunting story from a promising writer - a slow reveal which builds up tension with a perfectly pitched ending." -Simon Marshall-Jones

"A well-written tale, exploring a long-forgotten time with a good characterisation, a strong sense of atmosphere and location and a ghost story that is as touching as it is haunting." - Mark West

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