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The Christmas Present From My Past
Grace Risata
4.8 Rating (18)

Love Conquers Cancer : Discover Hope and Alternative Healing on the Road to Wellness
Andrea London ,Jack London
5 Rating (10)

The Spark
Sylvie Stewart
4.6 Rating (115)

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A Murder of Crows
Tom Lowe

Description:When Joe Billie stops a grave robber from unearthing a Seminole Indian burial site, Joe becomes the prime suspect in a bizarre murder. For Sean O'Brien, the first challenge is getting Joe to talk about the circumstances surrounding the killing. As Joe faces first-degree murder charges, O’Brien thinks he knows why his old friend is evasive. But proving it will send O'Brien deep into Seminole history to uncover a greedy killer hell-bent on creating a modern day Trail of Tears. ...
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