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Gather the Stars (Culloden's Fire Book 1)
Kimberly Cates
4.4 Rating (240)

Miracles in Disguise
Michelle Lynn Brown
4.6 Rating (157)

Lady Justice and the Devil's Breath
Robert Thornhill
4.8 Rating (9)

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Model Release Templates

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Model Release Templates for Kindle

Let's face it, we live in a litigious time!

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Did you know that you can't enter a photo contest without a release?

Did you know that you can't sell a photo without a release?

Did you know that it is almost impossible to track down someone and get a signed release after the fact?

Protect yourself and get a signed release from everyone you shoot! Then you never have to worry about it. Here is an e-book of Model Release Templates.

You get a release template for; Adults, Minors, Nudes, Property and one of Extra Clauses that can be added when needed.

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My Champion (Knights of de Ware Book 1)
Glynnis Campbell

Description:MY CHAMPION: Book 1 of The Knights of de Ware Sir Duncan de Ware is a sworn champion of the common man and a master of disguise. So when he finds plucky maiden-in-distress Linet de Montfort facing off against a notorious pirate, noble Duncan goes undercover to come to her rescue, despite her insistence that she can take care of herself. When the pirate abducts her, Duncan and Linet are caught up in a breathless adventure of danger and romance on the high seas. And soon Linet realizes her only hope is to trust her mysterious hero—with her life and her heart. ...
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