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Black Heart (A Demon Paranormal Romance)
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Deadly Harm
Owen Mullen
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Halloween: A Halloween Mystery Book for Kids
Melanie Jackson
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Just Add Salt

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Just Add Salt for Kindle

Hetta Coffey is a woman with a yacht, and she's not afraid to use it!

a globe-trotting engineer with attitude, a penchant for trouble, and a
yacht, is back, and this time she s steering us into hot Mexican waters.

that vacation plans with her chronically absent boyfriend Jenks Jenkins
have gone awry, she accepts a job in Baja. So what if she and her
friend Jan are spectacularly unqualified to take her yacht on a thousand
mile cruise in the eastern Pacific Ocean in the middle of hurricane
season? Hiring a handsome, if somewhat fishy captain for the trip might
keep them off the rocks, but probably won t do the same for her future
with Jenks. Meanwhile, a little eye candy on board can t be all bad.

s unmanageable independence impels her to tackle the very profitable,
if environmentally and politically incorrect project south of the
border. True to form, her irreverent nature and disregard for danger
soon swamps her in a sea of inconvenient bodies, illegal aliens, a pesky
whale, and a menacing Mexican machinator. And without her usual arsenal
of firepower.

Set sail for Baja Mexico s Magdalena Bay as Hetta
Coffey leads us once more into a morass of intrigue that will keep you
laughing, breathless, and wanting more.

To quote Lord Byron, Hetta would "much rather sink beneath the shock than moulder piecemeal on the rock."



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