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No Excuses
Nikky Kaye
4.4 Rating (146)

UNDER DARK SKIES - NightShade Forensic Files
A.J. Scudiere
4.6 Rating (181)

Coma Girl: part 2 (Kindle Single)
Stephanie Bond
4.7 Rating (168)

Killing Tomorrow

by: Peter Hill
FREE Thriller
4.3 Star Rating from 8 Reviews

If you're reading this, it hasn 't happened. Yet.  Two disparate couples: high-profile journalist Fleur Nichols and her American lover, documentary filrnmaker Joe Kendry ; microbiologist Dr. Simone Gofre and her doting partner Auriol. All they have in common is a powerful and sel ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Sea of Gold

by: Nick Elliott
FREE Thriller
3.9 Star Rating from 149 Reviews

SEA OF GOLD ‘Whoever did this wanted to make very sure no one lived to tell the tale.' Money, murder and love on the high seas In the world of international shipping, the rules are blurred and the oceans lawless When instinct tells m ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Mashego File

by: Ian Patrick
FREE Thriller
4.7 Star Rating from 8 Reviews

Detectives at war with vicious criminals. Assassinations. Vigilante justice. Heroism. Another gripping crime thriller and police procedural based on the author’s personal experience of brutal crime. Written on the basis of front-line research in the company of detectives, victims, and forensic spe ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Darke Blood

by: Lee Hall
BARGAIN Thriller
3.6 Star Rating from 3 Reviews

The remote forest town of Darke Heath has been shrouded in mystery for years. Blake Malone is a newcomer and soon realizes that there are more than a few tall tales that surround the place. When he meets the mysterious Caitlyn, they strike up a fondness for each other. It becomes apparent that Malon ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Double Blind

by: R.V. Doon
FREE Thriller
3.8 Star Rating from 48 Reviews

How can a whistleblower warn the public about a looming health disaster when she’s being framed for murder? Claire Carter, a clinical research nurse, discovers a new drug by an upstart pharmaceutical company may have killed her best friend. Her warnings are ignored. Desperate she steals evidenc ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Stone Sharp Vol.1

by: Walt White
BARGAIN Thriller
4.8 Star Rating from 8 Reviews

When a drug addicted business man pleads guilty to Conspiracy charged by the US Federal Attorneys Office, he unknowingly surrenders himself to an isolated world very few people get to see. As Stone Sharp navigates his hellish surroundings in a Texas Prison Camp, he quickly learns who ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key
SL Morgan


Prepare to journey into a captivating new world…that will remove you from reality as you know it! A 2014 Global ebook Gold award winning book and a 2014 Silver award medalist in the Reader's favorite international awards.

Praise for The Legacy of the Key:

5-STARS Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key by S.L. Morgan is an enchanting novel with a flawless plot, breathtakingly vivid scenery and characters that so completely come to life and are relatable. The story took me from this world and transported me to a different time and to a place so beautiful and magnificent I sometimes needed a moment to pause and just take in the breathtaking scenery described therein. =Reader's Favorite Review by Faridah Nassozi

5- STARS "There are two words to describe this book: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. It is very difficult to put into words how much I enjoyed it. The concept of the different worlds and dimensions among us was unique and very intriguing; i ...

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