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Deep Strike

by: Barry Lando
BARGAIN Thriller
4.3 Star Rating from 21 Reviews

Like most works of fiction, this is one that began with a "what if." What if, I wondered after the last presidential race, what if a small handful of CIA agents who investigated Russian hacking, were outraged by the blatant interference in America's democratic process? What if those agents wer ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Noble Phoenix

by: Mark A Pryor
BARGAIN Thriller
4.8 Star Rating from 17 Reviews

The grand master of a secret organization deploys assassins and terrorism across Europe, threatening to ignite World War III. Viktor Prazsky, who has a secret weapon of his own, risks everything to stop him. The relentless action and frightening technologies leap from today's and tomorrow's headl ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Stranger

by: Chris Martin
FREE Thriller
New! No Ratings Yet!

Something horrible happened eight years ago in the small coastal town of Seal Bay. Six high school girls were killed and dumped into the bay by a man named Lance Puckett. It was a crime which ripped apart a community and left emotional scars that time would never heal. A calm morning in Seal Bay is ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Forgotten Bomb

by: Elliot Actor
BARGAIN Thriller
New! No Ratings Yet!

This is a story about revenge against Russia. Revenge using a bomb, and not just any bomb but the most powerful bomb in the world. In 1961 Russia built and exploded the biggest thermonuclear weapon in the world, a monster 58 Megaton bomb, over 3000 times larger than the bombs that blew up Hiroshim ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Darke Blood

by: Lee Hall
FREE Thriller
3.6 Star Rating from 3 Reviews

The remote forest town of Darke Heath has been shrouded in mystery for years. Blake Malone is a newcomer and soon realizes that there are more than a few tall tales that surround the place. When he meets the mysterious Caitlyn, they strike up a fondness for each other. It becomes apparent that Malon ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Michael Meyer's International Suspense Duo

by: Michael Meyer
BARGAIN Thriller
3.9 Star Rating from 3 Reviews

Two international thrillers in one. COVERT DREAMS What if the government said that your missing wife never existed? A business trip to the Middle East for Stan and Valerie Halsey ends in chilling confusion and despair as Valerie seemingly falls off the face of the earth, leaving no trace o ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon


by: E.M. Townsend
BARGAIN Thriller
4.8 Star Rating from 12 Reviews

Fledgling police sketch artist Piper Cooke has always been different. Gifted with second sight, but cursed with a life of tragedy, she has survived the feral streets of Dixon and has triumphed over her troubled upbringing. Piper faces her biggest challenge yet, however, when her visions compel he ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Discontents: The Disappearance of a Young Radical

by: James Wallace Birch
BARGAIN Thriller
4.7 Star Rating from 7 Reviews

The underground figurehead of a radical activist movement must piece together the plot to destroy the movement on the eve of life or death surgery, all while hiding his involvement from the woman he loves. With his worldly possessions in his rucksack, Emory Walden returns home after years backpac ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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After You
Stephanie Rose

Description:After You is the final interconnected STANDALONE novel in the Second Chances Series. I had the happily ever after . . . until it was gone. Three became two. And I was alone. Our time—my time—was over. Alone was the right way to be. The only way. Life was me, my son, and my memories. Until the day I met someone who turned my lonely existence upside down. This man made me smile, made me laugh, made me ache for his touch. But I couldn’t. He shouldn’t awaken feelings I resolved to bury with my husband. But he did. I couldn’t let his presence make my heart race. I couldn’t let him into our little world, where he fit so perfectly. I couldn’t want Nick. But I did. *** I rescued people. My family relied on me to lend a hand. Everyone thought of me as the fixer, but no one had the first clue how to fix me. Until Ellie. The freckled beauty’s sorrow was like a well-worn shirt—easy and familiar, difficult to part with—and she wore it comfortably. And though I ...
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