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The Drifters: Devil May Care
J. A. Fales
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See Me
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American Zeroes
John DiFelice
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Curse of the Cobra
Robert Joseph
5 Stars (4)

Description:Father "Raff" Rafferty, a former NYPD cop turned Catholic priest, has been assigned by his bishop to an orphanage school in India from which two young girls and the nun principal have mysteriously disappeared. Complications arise at a sacred Hindu ceremony in which a statue of the god Shiva, whose third eye is the world's largest ruby, is ritually bathed in the sacred lake by a revered holy man. During the religious ritual, the holy man is murdered and the ruby stolen. Raff promises the beleaguered and distraught Maharajah that he will search for the holy man's killer, recover the ruby and find the missing girls. CURSE OF THE COBRA is crammed with foreign intrigue, colorful characters and hair-raising adventure. ...
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