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Fate's Exchange
Sasha Leigh
5 Rating (2)

Scott M Sullivan
4.7 Rating (26)

Cleland Smith
3.7 Rating (13)

International Paleo Cupcakes, Muffins and Cakes... OH MY!

by: Tag Powell
$0.99 BARGAIN Non-Fiction > Recipe/Cookbooks
4.9 Star Rating from 10 Reviews

It's Paleo party time.  59 Cupcakes, Muffins and Cakes all Paleo Perfect and taste great. Now you can make delicious desserts for dinner or a fun party and stay within your Paleo diet. The exciting part is you will serve these scrumptious delights and no one will know it is Paleo ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Incredibly Delicious Beef Recipes from the Mediterranean Region (Healthy Cookbook Series)

by: Vesela Tabakova
4.7 Star Rating from 14 Reviews

Mediterranean beef recipes are among the healthiest in the world and at the same time really delicious. Beef is a great source of protein, carnitine, zinc, iron, and B vitamins. Moderate beef consumption is good for your health as long as you choose leaner cuts and prepare it with lots of vegetab ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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Planet Urth (Part 1)
Jennifer and Christopher Martucci
4.1 Stars (428)


More than two hundred years into the future, human beings are an endangered species. The planet has been battered by war, its inhabitants plagued by disease and death. Few humans survived and remained unaffected. Most changed dramatically and evolved into something else entirely. Irrevocable alterations caused by chemical warfare have created a new species. North America is in ruins and has been overtaken. Humanity has fallen at the hands of mutants known as Urthmen.
Seventeen year-old Avery is alive and unchanged. But she has not been immune to the harshness of the new world. She has lived on the run for much of her life, in terror.
After losing her father, Avery is the sole guardian of her eight-year-old sister, June. Avery is now charged with June’s safety as well as her own, a nearly impossible task.
Forced to hide deep in the forest and away from the cities overrun by Urthmen, Avery and her sister are constantly hunted. Danger awaits them at every tur ...

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