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Carnies and Wildcats: Ulciscor
Robert Spearman
4.9 Rating (31)

Diabetic Cookbook: The Cavewoman’s Final Finger Pick
Megan White
4.8 Rating (19)

Knot in Time
Alan Tucker
4.3 Rating (122)

Diabetic Cookbook: The Cavewoman’s Final Finger Pick

by: Megan White
4.8 Star Rating from 19 Reviews

No time, no money or simply hate the gym? Wish you could drop a dress size or two? Frustrated about wasting money on products offering magical weight-loss solutions? Have you had enough of battling the bulge decided to lose the weight for good this time? ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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Scott Matthews
4.6 Stars (252)

Description:A master terrorist is sent to America to recruit angry criminals, who converted to Islam in prison, and train them as assassins. In the last days before the first kill on the assassin’s list, Adam Drake, an attorney helping a client deal when his secretary by one of the novice assassins, picks up the scent of the terror plot. When the assassins try to kill him, and the FBI won’t act on his suspicions, Drake must rely on his training as a former special forces operative. He has to prevent an assassination designed to fracture America along fault lines of religion and race. ...
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