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Coming Home to You (Man from Yesterday Book 1)
Barbara Lohr
4.4 Rating (59)

The Sweet Taste of Murder
CeeCee James
4.4 Rating (82)

Complicated Blue: The Extraordinary Adventures of the Good Witch Anaïs Blue
P J Whittlesea
5 Rating (8)

Consuelo and The Lady

by: Melanie Davenport
BARGAIN Childrens
5 Star Rating from 12 Reviews

Consuelo and the Lady is a book about love, faith, and the difficulty of dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. Consuelo is a young girl who suddenly realizes that the Grandmother she has adored all her life – the one who is famous for telling amazing stories – is becoming detached and forgetful. G ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Maxi Dog Taking Care of Toys

by: Sam Dawn
FREE Childrens
5 Star Rating from 3 Reviews

This story is great for quick bedtime stories and cute tales to be read aloud with friends and family! Beautiful Children's Book with lot of illustrations Excellent for early and beginning readers Great for reading aloud with friends and family Fun short stor ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of Shadow Hills (Skylar Robbins Mysteries Book 1)

by: Carrie Cross
BARGAIN Childrens
4.6 Star Rating from 59 Reviews

Thirteen-year-old sleuth Skylar Robbins plans to become a private detective like her grandfather. Stuck at her bullying cousin Gwendolyn’s Malibu estate for the summer, Skylar brings her fingerprinting kit, portable spy tools, and her journal for taking notes in secret code. She had no idea how da ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

1st Daycare

by: Lai Ling
FREE Childrens
New! No Ratings Yet!

Caring for your child in child care is a great concern for parents who need this service. Find tips on and finding and maintaining quality care, plus, interview questions from A to Z in this informative book! ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Staying Healthy And Happy

by: Sally Huss
FREE Childrens
5 Star Rating from 7 Reviews

(About Making Good Choices, Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs, for Beginner Readers, Ages 6-9) A smart little mouse, named Mr. Consequences, arrives just in time to stop young Billy from making a bad choice. In the simplest way, the mouse explains the importance of choosing well and what can happen to t ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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Accounting for Love - A Long Valley Romance: Country Western Small Town Romance Novel
Erin Wright

Description:Is she the answer to his dreams … or the person who will be forced to destroy them? He’s a farmer, dammit, not a bookkeeper. When Stetson Miller inherits his father’s farm in Idaho, he’s too focused on crops and yields to pay attention to the financial side of things. The next thing he knows, he’s got a stack of unpaid bills, the bank is threatening to foreclose … and the auditor who’s come to examine his accounts is the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on. But she’s a city girl, just like the last one who left him at the altar. He'll guard his heart -- but he can't help wanting her.She’s checking him out ... in more ways than one. Jennifer Kendall doesn’t mind a tough job, but the handsome Stetson is trouble of a different kind. When he isn’t making her mad, he’s filling her head with all sorts of forbidden fantasies. The sparks between them fly even faster when the road washes out and Jennifer has to spend the night on the farm. But passion alone won’t ...
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