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A Bride for Finn (The Proxy Brides Book 5)
Linda Ellen
4.9 Rating (19)

The Passion Of A Gentleman
Amy Field
0 Rating (0)

Gun Kiss
Khaled Talib
0 Rating (0)


by: Christiano Sensi
FREE Suspense
New! No Ratings Yet!

Astonished, people everywhere watch the morning news, while the news presenter, alarmed, confirms the strange phenomenon that is being commented throughout the world: no one has died in the last 48 hours. Nobody knows it, but the one responsible for that is right there, among them... Invisible. Sile ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Killing Instinct

by: Darcia Helle
FREE Suspense
4.6 Star Rating from 21 Reviews

Sandman built his dubious reputation by turning the dreams and nightmares of others into harsh reality. Now he’s pursuing his own twisted dream; the beautiful Maria Milan. But she doesn’t want to become a player in Sandman’s sordid fantasy. Michael Sykora is a hit man who kills for justice. ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Child's Play (Michael Sykora Novels Book 4)

by: Darcia Helle
FREE Suspense
New! No Ratings Yet!

A little girl is stolen from her yard and police have no leads. Hope dwindles with each passing hour. The desperate parents hire Michael Sykora to find their daughter, and to kill anyone involved in taking her. Michael and his team discover this case has roots far deeper than a single kidnapping. ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon


by: Robert Mitchell
FREE Suspense
5 Star Rating from 4 Reviews

It is early 1944. Allied aircraft attack a Japanese ship sailing from Tianjin, China, bound for the Philippines. The ship, carrying a small part of the 6,000 tons of gold looted by Japanese forces from Nanking, limps into Qinhuangdao on the east coast of China. A small Japanese military detachment t ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Blue Goon (A Spacetale story)

by: Joel S. Williams
FREE Suspense
New! No Ratings Yet!

Shaun Chanter lives in world where monsters, aliens, superhumans and villains are the norm. However, to him these truths that fed his interests only served to take away from a more bothersome reality. School and work. While coming home from a work that pays his rent, Shaun was lucky or unlucky enoug ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Sam Archer Series: Books 5-6

by: Tom Barber
FREE Suspense
New! No Ratings Yet!

You read the first box-set. Now catch two more of Sam Archer’s thrilling adventures in this action-packed pair of hard-hitting, back-to-back novels. In 'One Way', on his way home in New York City on a late Sunday afternoon, young NYPD Detective Sam Archer saves a team of US Marshals from a viol ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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TWO PRINCES: The Biker and The Billionaire
Victoria Danann


Two brothers, one a player, one a playboy, are on a collision course with destiny and a woman who thought she'd scored a coup when she was allowed a look inside the Sons of Sanctuary Motorcycle Club.

Brigid was a graduate student at UT. It wasn't hard getting her thesis approved, but finding a Hill Country motorcycle club willing to give her access to their lifestyle was starting to look impossible. Then she got a lead. A friend of a friend with family ties to SSMC.

What she wanted was information. The last thing she had in mind was falling for one of the members of the club. Especially since she was a feminist academic out to prove that motorcycle clubs are organized according to the same structure as primitive tribal society.

Brash was standing in line at the H.E.B. Market when his world tipped on its axis. While waiting his turn to check out, his gaze had wandered to the magazine display and settled on the new issue of "NOW". The image on th ...

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