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Scorch Road: JT (Scorch Series Romance Thriller Book 1)
Toby Neal & Emily Kimelman
4.8 Rating (90)

Foundation of Evil
Donald Scott
0 Rating (0)

Venom and Vampires
Boone Brux
0 Rating (0)

Sic Strap

by: K Kumar
3.6 Star Rating from 20 Reviews

The newly revised second edition is an improvement on the original story. Sic Strap is an allegory, political satire, drama, and comedy all mixed into one. Set in Michigan, Sic starts off as a young man destined for that American success. A college degree in hand, he sets off to Wall Street to make ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Muffy and the Dog Catcher

by: Devra Robitaille
4.8 Star Rating from 9 Reviews

Muffy is a happy and curious golden doodle puppy who lives on a farm. One day she chases a silly grasshopper and gets lost. She finds herself alone and hungry, on the point of collapse, but luck is on her side and she is adopted by a wonderful family, the Gabriels, who have a very orderly and devote ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Brief Lives

by: Richard French
FREE Fiction
New! No Ratings Yet!

Do you like stories about the theater?If so, "Brief Lives" may be a novel for you. It tells about the production of a new play that a small company puts on in the 1950's. Each of the chapters gives a brief account of the experience of someone involved in the production or is interested in i ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Artist's Page

by: Debra Rufini
FREE Fiction
New! No Ratings Yet!

What would your response be to a group of small people, overlooking you to look at the masterpiece you'd lovingly made for them? How would you feel by their admiration for your magnificent creation as they ignore your wonderfully creative hands? Would you feel sad? Frustrated? Angry? Imagine your ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

How To Be A Dragon

by: Michael Gordon
New! No Ratings Yet!

"Warning: Cuteness Overload! This book contains illustrations of a cute dragon. Lots of them. Enjoy these little sweeties, perfect alongside beautiful rhymes. " ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Interview with an Oracle, Astonishing Revelations about Life and Our World

by: M.G. Hawking
4 Star Rating from 2 Reviews

While trekking deep into the vast wilderness of the Himalayan mountains the author experiences an extraordinary opportunity. A series of adventures lead him to an ancient Oracle Temple in the exceedingly remote highlands of Tibet. There he has the opportunity to talk to a true shamanistic Oracle ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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