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Road to Redemption (Road Series Book 2)
Natalie Ann
4.2 Rating (71)

Fringe Runner (Fringe Series Book 1)
Rachel Aukes
4.1 Rating (204)

The Christmas Present From My Past
Grace Risata
4.9 Rating (16)

Well Met in Dragon Light: An Erotic Fae Paranormal Romance (Chasing Fae Romance Book 3)

by: Jean Ecrivain
New! No Ratings Yet!

The third book in Jean Ecrivain's new Fae Paranormal Romance Erotica series "Chasing Fae Romance".Poor little Sarah. She's blonde, beautiful, artistic, and successful. The only thing she doesn't have in her life is a man.Then Robin returns to her life and everything changed. After her adventures in ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Lila's Christmas Catastrophe: An Inspirational Holiday Romance

by: Poppy Haas
New! No Ratings Yet!

An Inspirational Holiday Romance to read in a Weekend.Christmas Day is one week away, and Lila finds herself buried in work and without any hint of romance -or even a date. And that’s just how she planned her holiday season. Since experiencing the devastating events that almost ruined her a few ye ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Tell Me Magic Lies - A Short Story: A Heartwarming, dramatic and nostalgic Christmas short story. (The Liverpool Series)

by: Grace M. Jolliffe
FREE Fiction
5 Star Rating from 0 Review

Someone’s got to make Christmas happen.  Josie's heart breaks when she thinks about Frankie. Her best friend’s family is going hungry because Frankie’s dad forgot all about them - the day he left home. Frankie’s little brothers don’t believe in Santa any more. How can they when they can b ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Lost and Found Journal of a Miner 49er: Vol. 2

by: Jack Dublin
New! No Ratings Yet!

How far will you go for God and gold? Brace yourself for adventures stretching from the Sea of Job to a vast world beneath the American continent where life is familiar but nothing is what it seems. Is it truth stranger than fiction, or fiction stranger than truth? You decide on this epic quest! ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Nice For What?

by: Recie D
4.8 Star Rating from 8 Reviews

Darlina Long is an occupational therapist with goals of being a perfect wife and having a long lasting marriage, like her parents. At the age of twenty eight, Lina, as her friends call her, is accepting that since being married she has changed emotionally, mentally and of course physically, due to h ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Beat on Ruby's Street

by: Jenna Zark
4.4 Star Rating from 30 Reviews

The last thing eleven-year-old Ruby Tabeata expected to happen on her way to a Jack Kerouac reading was to be hauled to the police station. It’s 1958 and Ruby is the opposite of a 1950s stereotype: fierce, funny and strong willed, she is only just starting to chart her course in a family of B ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

What to Kill For

by: Hitomi Farrell
4.7 Star Rating from 4 Reviews

A single woman whose biological clock is ticking hunts for a husband in the “Land of Mr. Wrongs” also known as Los Angeles. “Fortunately,” she gets kidnapped by a Mexican mobster. ***** Shannon is just another single woman in Los Angeles who is desperate to find “The One.” She is a ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon


by: Gregory March
New! No Ratings Yet!

China-United States relations refer to the international relationship between the People's Republic of China and the United States of America. The history of the relationship can be traced back to when the United States gained independence. The relationship between the two countries is quite strong ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Every Five Minutes

by: Bronwyn Elsmore
4.6 Star Rating from 40 Reviews

Gina, if that is her real name, sets out to walk to work. Deliberately, she misses the bus and walks into the city, then turns and walks back home. This is not a day for work. Today she will spend with a white dog and a remarkable man. Every Five Minutes is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree. Readers ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Lola's Magical Shack

by: Hana Mary
FREE Fiction
New! No Ratings Yet!

Lola Lenz lives very poorly with her parents and her little sister. the thing she would like to do most is go to school or at least visit a school. not just any, but the school of the great professor Mr. Wallas, unique in the city, expensive, highly secure and inaccessible to foreigners. can she suc ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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